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Fleet washing

MobiWash is trusted by brands both large and small. We provide professional vehicle maintenance to your fleet of cars by creating flexible bespoke packages to suit your organisation’s requirements. Whether at a depot, car lot, showroom or if your club cars are parked on a public road- our convenient and easy service will ensure your fleet is clean all year round.


If you would like to get in touch regarding our business fleet washing services, leave your details here and one of our team members will contact you on the same day.

Car Auctions

From Classic Cars to Supercars, MobiWash can help maximize your return on auto auction sales with services ranging from full vehicle details to intricate special requests.

Car Sharing

With car sharing becoming the new , swift, convenient and eco friendly way to get around the town, the demand for our services has never been more popular. Whether you have 20 or 100 cars in your fleet, we are able to maintain your cars after every use so that each of your customers are able to drive your cars with confidence.

Your Fleet

Quality is the mainstay of our approach. We ensure that every vehicle is treated with the meticulous care and respect that it deserves. To maximize your vehicles operating hours, we can work around your planning, by washing your trucks or vans at times and locations which are most convenient to you.


MobiWash provides you with complete professionalism paired with high quality results every time. We have worked with organisations both large and small keeping your vehicles clean whilst finding ways to save you money and time and still being environmentally friendly.


Our MobiWash procedure ensures a deep clean of your car without causing any damage to the paintwork such as swirlmarks. We only use the fluffiest microfibre cloths when working on your car. This allows your car to have a continuous shine for years to come.

Save Time

Fed up of queuing at the car wash? Let us come to you. We will take care of all of your car care needs. Our trained technicians offer a quality service guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.


Save water with us. Conventional car washes use on average 10 gallons per minute. Our procedure allows us to save almost two thirds of this thanks to our state of the art equipment.


"The Mobiwash Team does such a fantastic job on my car. They always take their time to provide a top quality service making sure that it meets my standards. I always look forward to my bookings as I know it will always be a great job well done."

Mateo Cawley

"My car has never been so clean before. I am so amazed with the love, care and attention to detail that goes into the job. Thank you MobiWash, I will definitely be booking again!"

Nathan Evans


We provide professional car cleaning services using only the highest quality products straight to your door. Let us give your car the quality care it deserves.

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